Quality Certification - Samobility

Quality Certification – UNI EN ISO 9001:2000

The complete satisfaction of the customer and the quality of their products and services provided are strategic objectives of Samobility.
To meet this commitment the company has obtained certifications of its “Management System”.
The “Management System” was developed to guarantee the quality of the products and services, and it’s always in line with the requirements of the referent standards (currently UNI EN ISO 9001:2000) and with the mandatory legislative requirements applicable to its sector of activity.

• Customer satisfaction, as a result of business processes that maximizes the quality perceived by him, concentration of the efforts of the company in the research for continuous improvement of the processes, to result in quality products and services
• Achieve, in collaboration with the suppliers, mutual improvement objectives in respect of the philosophy of quality, maximizes the potential of available resources and promote worker satisfaction
• Implement the control index system in order to monitor the improvement pursued over time

The company management intends to meet the expectations of all those involved in its activities (Members, employees, suppliers and clients) and to promote the diffusion, at all levels on its structure, of the concept of quality, committing itself to verify its maintenance over time, with a view to continuous and constant improvement.

Environmental Management Certification – ISO14001

Samobility® has always been committed to protecting the environment in the context of its activities, has made this commitment concrete by implementing an “Environmental Management System” in accordance with the norm ISO14001. In analogy to ISO9001:00 certification on the continuous improvement of products and organization, ISO14001 it’s a model adopted in an international field to evaluate the ability of a company on the management of the environment.

The objective is to participate to the improvement of the environmental quality and to the awareness of all environmental issues, combating pollution and its negative effects that are manifested with increasing severity and frequency.

With the “Environmental Management System” Samobility® is formally committed to pursue:
• clear and identified goals to prevent the pollution
• the reduction of waste of energy and resources
• the recyclability of materials
• the definition of standards, environmental practices, of health and safety where laws and norms are not adequate or non-existent

The “Environmental Management System” of Samobility has obtained the ISO14001:04 certification. Samobility’s constant commitment to the environment and safety also manifests in other initiatives, to sensitizing more and more companies and to adhere to an eco-sustainable development model.

Safety at work – OHSAS 18001

Health and safety at work are essentials conditions for Samobility® to ensure the efficiency of the company and the quality of its services and products.

The OHSAS 18001 international standard gives the fundamentals lines that a companies’ structure should always have to guarantee the physical and mental wellness of its collaborators.

With this certification, Samobility® has obtained the opportunity to demonstrate its compliance to the standards and the respect of the norms about health and safety at work.

Only through constant monitoring and continuous improvement can be guaranteed the wellness of your collaborators and of the people around you.

The human capital for Samobility® is one of the most considered assets to develop its strategy to conquer the domestic and international market.

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