Our offer is designed to help you take care of your vehicle, from the purchase on… for all the time and kilometres you will do together.

Ensure maximum driving pleasure on board your vehicle.

Buying a new vehicle by Samobility®, you are entitled to a factory warranty, a complete service of free basic repairs with substitution or repairs of the defective part, labor and supply of materials for 24 months from the date of delivery of your car from the manufacturer, as it’s guaranteed the preparation of the same.

We also protect your car from painting industry repairs. We totally or partially dye your car to eliminate the detected anomaly according to the standard conditions of the manufacturer. This service has a 36 months duration from the date of delivery of your car.

Finally, we guarantee the bodywork of your car from perforations due to corrosion that occurs from inside to outside. We repair and/or replace any part perforated by corrosion for 8 years from the date of the delivery of your car.

For more details, take a look at your warranty book!

In addition, we offer the possibility to extend your factory warranty over 24 months, with products created to satisfy your every need.

Compare, all our solutions to extend your warranty and choose the combination that most suites you based on the duration of your extension and on the kilometres that you will travel.

Customize the available offer adding the vehicle where you want to activate an extension, to see the offers and products active on the model.

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